About Siddh masale

Welcome to the Spice Abode!

With a vision and mission to carve out a niche in the Indian spice market, we at Uttam Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd., are redefining the consumer behavior, as they go on to a journey of enjoying a savoring experience with their recipes.

Our premium quality spice products have been developed and customized to create an opportunity for the distributors as they cater to customers from varied demographics and socio-cultural landscapes.


What makes our offerings different?

The answer lies in our team!

A cohort of experienced individuals with profound expertise about what goes behind harvesting, cultivation, supply, demand, consumer-related data analytics, and other important attributes, really helps us in keeping a proper tab on the quality of the finished product that we serve our distributors and to the direct customers.


How are we making a difference?

With a strong conviction to build a business enterprise on mutual trust and understanding, our current business model primarily involves distributors and wholesalers.

With a streamlined organizational structure, we intend to provide a single-window framework for our partner distributors as they serve their local customers with our range of diverse grades and range of spices.


Take a look at our quality range of offerings!

We are entering the market with a comprehensive range of high-quality products under the small packaging category. The very segment is helping us in validating our business model and striking the right chord with the distributors and customers.


We are proud to continue the legacy and virtues that sidh masale holds. I believe that we should all be passionate about what we do, which is why I am up for the journey of building a food-safe world. I believe in total quality management, as one product has to be uncompromised in quality aspects from the very step of material picking to material packing. Siddh masale believes in processing products which are uncompromised in every aspect. Siddh masale delivers a spice which is value for money, hence it is ensured that we are both penny wise and pound wise. We are geared towards building a culture which is supportive of growth and innovation.


Spices and herbs (e.g., black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom) have been used by Indians for thousands of years for both culinary and health purposes. Spices indigenous to India (e.g. cardamom and turmeric) were cultivated as early as the 8th century BC in the gardens of Babylon (Sinha, 2003; Tapsell, 2006).

Susruta, an ancient surgeon (around 4th century BC) used white mustard and other aromatic plants in bed sheets to ward off malignant spirits. He also applied a poultice from sesame to post operation wounds which may have acted as an antiseptic.

Medical writings of Charaka (1st century) and Susruta II (2nd century) referenced spices and herbs. Susruta II also used spices and herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, and pepper for healing purposes. Spices such as cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cumin, and mustard seed were included in ancient herbal medicines for different types of health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine, spices such as cloves and cardamom were wrapped in betel-nut leaves and chewed after meals to increase the flow of saliva and aid digestion.


We consistently ensure to fulfill customer demands and we supply the best quality end product by regulating our input materials. We ensure nothing is stocked for long. SM strives to attain customer satisfaction by invest to build long term relationships.


We believe in sharing quality organic products that you can enjoy with confidence.We strive to nourish your body and respect the environment by certifying each of our products organic and gluten free, using pure ingredients that are ethically sourced from around the world and embracing sustainable, eco-friendly practices, always.